June 10, 2023

technology is always evolving which means that the things we use to keep us connected are also changing. In this article, we’ll be discussing ways for seniors to get ahead in the world of technology. From learning how to use smartphone apps and staying up-to-date on the latest technologies, to creating a tech budget and finding community support, we’ve got you covered!

What is Tech Savvy Aging?

  1. Keep up with the latest technology.
  2. Get online and stay connected.
  3. Use technology to manage your health and well-being.
  4. Build a tech-savvy network of friends and family.
  5. Use technology to document your life story.

10 Tips for Tech-Savvy Seniors

Tips for Tech-Savvy Seniors

If you’re like many seniors, you may be feeling a bit behind the times when it comes to technology. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to keep up with the latest trends and find new ways to use your computer and smartphone. Here are some tips for tech-savvy seniors:

  1. Keep up with the latest news and updates. Check social media sites, blogs, and news websites regularly for updates on new apps, software, and tools. This way, you’ll always have something new to try out on your devices.
  2. Use mobile apps to stay connected. If you’re not using your desktop or laptop computer at home, take advantage of mobile apps to stay connected while on the go. Not only can you access your email and other online resources from your phone, but you can also use mobile apps for tasks such as banking and scheduling appointments.
  3. Get comfortable with keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can make using your computer much faster and easier. Try out different keyboard shortcuts to see which ones work best for you – some people prefer key combinations like CTRL+C (copy) or F4 (find).
  4. Use file sharing tools to share files with others. Many computers now come with built-in file sharing capabilities so that you can easily share files with others in your network or across the internet. This way, everyone in your family can work on a document at


Whether you are a loved one of a senior who is starting to experience some decline in memory and cognition, or you are an aging adult yourself, it is important to be proactive about staying connected and engaged with the digital world. In this article, we have compiled ten tips for tech-savvy seniors that will help keep them connected, informed, and participating in the global community. From using social media tools to stay connected with friends and family members to understanding how technology can improve their cognitive health, these tips will help make life easier for everyone involved. Thanks for reading!

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