June 10, 2023

Internet activity is encrypted, and you can fool your laptop or mobile device into believing it’s in a completely different place with the best free VPN for Windows. It’s the best VPNs’ versatility that’s made them such a game-changing piece of technology for computers and laptops. Following are the 5 Most Popular and Secure VPNs.

Norton Secure VPN:

Norton Secure VPN, in addition to LifeLock identity theft protection and Norton antivirus, Norton also offers a VPN service that’s not bad. As a result of this, it was impossible to track us online. We were happy with this free VPN program because we were looking for internet anonymity.

Costs to use Norton Secure VPN for a month of service on one device costs $4.99. But for ten devices for a year, the cost is only $59 – around $0.50 a month for each of the ten devices. Using AES-256 encryption, Norton Secure VPN encrypts our web activity and hides our IP address, so you know it’s secure.

Private Internet Access:

Use Private Internet Access on your Windows machine. When we tested it out on our Vivobook, we were blown away by the speed, but it also has amazing apps for iOS and Android smartphones. You can find best VPN for Windows for free. The company’s rigorous privacy policy was also a plus. As far as the company is aware, it has never been asked to provide over-user data. 

There are several options for encryption.

While most VPNs didn’t give us many options for encryption, authentication, and handshakes, Private Internet Access gave us the option to tailor how their VPN functioned for us. In total, we had four options: the default suggested protection, a speed-focused option, a security-focused option, and a no-authentication option for free Instagram likes. 

A fresh IP address was assigned to us every time we connected to Private Internet Access. It made us more difficult to track, allowing us to remain anonymous on the Internet. Try to see it as being like wearing a mask. If you wore the same mask all the time, eventually, others would figure out who you are. 


Without fear of retaliation, Surfshark allowed us to pirate and download movies and TV shows. Each time we connected, our IP address changed, making it considerably more difficult to track us. However, we had the option of staying with the same IP address if we preferred.  Surfshark is available in over 60 countries, from Vietnam to Albania. Therefore, Surfshark’s server locations exceeded our expectations for Instagram followers free.

Great about Surfhsark was that we didn’t have to try out several various servers for different platforms, which was great. We couldn’t wait to watch Nick Cage’s National Treasure on Disney+, for obvious reasons. Surfshark instantly found the proper server for the right streaming service, saving us the trouble of trying a few different VPN servers before finding one that the streaming provider hasn’t blocked.


With ProtonVPN, we could use Zoom and other meeting applications quickly on both our Mac and Windows machines. Also, when we utilized Zoom on our Android smartphones, we didn’t see any significant delays or lags, which came in useful during the epidemic when we were working from home. And for people who do not want to spend money on VPNs, ProtonVPN offers a free choice. 

ProtonVPN publishes transparency reports annually to establish that it does not share customer data, even when asked for, impressed us a lot. There are no surveillance agreements with the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or fourteen eye countries because the corporation is based in Geneva and is not subject to the surveillance agreements. No information was collected about the users of ProtonVPN, such as IP addresses or internet activities of free Instagram likes.

Hotspot Shield VPN:

Hotspot Shield VPN had us covered when it came to Netflix-watching parties with its fast speeds on our Macs and Windows PCs. On our Android smartphones, we didn’t observe any major delays or glitches when using Netflix. It came in helpful when traveling. A daily data cap of 500 MB may make watching Netflix and other streaming services problematic for GetInsup.

Hotspot Shield is based in the United States is a source of irritation for us. When solicited 56 times for users’ information, they refused each time. Hotspot Shield’s transparency reports reveal that the company is committed to preserving users’ privacy for Instagram followers free.

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