June 10, 2023

Taking the first steps to designing a professional looking WordPress website can be an extremely satisfying process. Producing a custom theme for your pages and planning some high-quality content that is SEO ready can take time, but the results can be truly spectacular on this platform. 

Today, there are estimated to be around 24.8 million live WordPress sites with an extremely wide range of topics and niches to satisfy every web surfer. As you learn the features of web design with WordPress, you can give your site more advanced features and add real polish to every page. 

For beginners to WordPress web design there are a wide range of resources online that can help you plan your first creation. For any new WordPress site, it is of paramount importance to have a well-thought-out plan for the site and to decide what the website’s overall purpose is. 

This article provides ideas for five distinctly different websites that cater for a range of interests.


Creating a blog site can be a great choice for a first WordPress website and is one that is suited to beginners in web design. First, it is important to decide what your blog will be about. Look to your passions in life for inspiration. If you consider yourself to be an outstanding chef, then it could be a worthwhile idea to share your passion for cooking with the world. Pages could include some of your favorite recipes, and as your WordPress skills develop you could consider embedding some short videos into the web pages that give viewers a fuller insight into how you create your standout dishes. 

If cooking is not your forte, there are many other blogs to consider creating. A love of travel can make for the perfect travel blog website where you describe the sights, sounds, and cultures of the destinations you have visited. Taking high-quality photos and short videos can certainly add impact to this type of blog. Furthermore, if you add in a comments section where fellow travelers can add their thoughts and experiences to the destinations you have visited, you will be taking the first steps to growing a community of followers! 

Bitcoin trading tips site

If you are tech-savvy and like the idea of trading in cryptocurrency, then you may consider the idea of a Bitcoin trading website that offers news and insights into the world of crypto trading. Depending on your level of tech expertise and general coding skills you may choose to make the site more than just one that is full of facts and information. Today in 2022, there are a wide range of widgets and plugins for your WordPress site that can allow you to convert currency values and get rapid price calculations. Depending on the plugins and widgets you use, you may not need advanced coding skills to get these features up and running on your web pages. A simple Google search will take you to some effective and popular plugins and widgets that are available today to be embedded into your bitcoin trading site. It can also be worth getting inspiration from other websites that specialize in cryptocurrency trading. Sites such as okx.com have a wealth of information on many forms of cryptocurrency and NFTs that can help you decide what content to put into your own site.  

Regional news site

Setting up a WordPress news site can be a perfect idea for your first web-building project. If you consider yourself to be a budding reporter, it can be beneficial to focus on regional news items that will gain you a strong following from the surrounding areas near you. Today, millions of people source their news from the web rather than television or radio programs, so having a website that focuses on a range of regional news items from sport, to politics, to local events can provide a valuable service to local communities. Within your main web pages you could have a discussion section to cultivate conversations relating to a hot news topic that affects the region. 

This is a smart way to get a dialogue running between you and the local community and can be a feature that encourages repeat visits to your WordPress site. 

Product reviews

Today’s consumers are increasingly visiting online sites to buy a vast range of products. The convenience of online shopping has helped to fuel the explosive growth of sites such as Amazon, as well as smaller sites that specialize in handmade products such as Etsy. 

However, the major downside of shopping online rather than in a store is that the consumer does not get to touch or try the product before purchasing it. This is one area where traditional high street shops will always have an advantage. 

Therefore, by creating a WordPress site that is dedicated to product reviews of a wide range of items, you will be providing an informative and valuable service to millions of online shoppers. It can be beneficial to start reviewing products that you buy online and giving honest and unbiased opinions of how they perform, and if they are as described on the website. 

If you gain many visitors to your pages, it may even be possible to contact businesses and request test products so that you can review them on your website. 


Many people have a talent or a range of specialist knowledge, and making a website that shares these skills or knowledge with the world can result in a site with a loyal base of followers. Look to your passions in life. If you are a musician, you could consider building a WordPress site that takes beginners of your chosen instrument through the early stages of mastering it. Sections could include information on music theory, ear training and techniques, along with short videos demonstrating how to play effectively. 

Conversely, you may have a passion for DIY and choose to create posts that illustrate how to fix common household problems or build various items for the home. 

In short, many people have a hobby or skill that can become the basis for an informative and popular WordPress website.

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